Strange things only in China

Panda poop tea

Exotic teas are fully applied Panda poop during cultivation. It is grown mainly in Ya’an, Sichuan – where the panda sanctuary. According to the growers, in addition to nutrients, also contain bamboo leaf antioxidants help prevent cancer.
However, the function of gastric absorption bears that feed on the leaves of this structure is not good, so in its distribution to 70% barely nutrients absorbed. So which type of tea on supposedly very nutritious, although so far no one has proved its practical uses. Also, Panda poop tea is dubbed the world’s most expensive tea at 77,000 US dollars (about 1.6 billion), with one kilogram of tea.
Tea virgin

This is causing a stir tea in the last time. In 2011, a tea planting base at Mount Hua Shan, Henan gave notice recruit workers picking tea extremely strange: young women is intact, round breasts to size C or higher from the body does not heal have scars or wounds, no sickness, love life, love to drink tea, no unfair preferences.
These workers are not picking tea touch tea shoots by hand, but use your mouth to pick, then put the tea shoots into small basket in front of her chest. This approach is expected to ensure the freshness of natural and delicious tea buds, helps prevent disease. However, job postings, many people who were regarded as nonsense and fiction.

Support services when traffic

In the second most populous country such as China, the traffic jams often become a nightmare for many. The number of vehicles increased rapidly every year, making this condition usually occurs several hours stuck in traffic. Especially peak traffic period lasted 11 consecutive days to 3 years ago.
Recently, a local business has a service for that particular body, put the home is getting to your destination, pay the car together driving after the jam. Specifically, when the service call and report their location, two employees of the company will drive motorcycles to help you. One of them will charge you ride moto transport to the meeting point, the rest would rather you sit in the car and delivered to your car after the traffic light traffic. This service is most popular in Wuhan – one of the most chaotic traffic situation in China.


Turtle Island each year floating just 3 months

A small island floating in the southwest Mosquitoes China suddenly become tourist hotspots in the spring, due to the turtle shape is identical. The island is located between the rivers flowing through the village Muodaoxi Longshi in Yunyang County. In China, the turtle is considered the mascot, symbolizing longevity.

Top ledge turtles appear when the Three Gorges Dam on the downstream water discharge, and sprint about 163 to 168 m level. At normal water level (175 m), the island is only a speck appeared. When the water receded at a depth of 145 meters, the rocks will grow out and connected to the mainland.

This phenomenon has been spreading rapidly in recent years, accompanied by a large amount of tourists coming to visit and photograph the island from the nearby hills. Mr. Meng Liu, a local said: “Everyone said that this is proof of the arrival of spring, and we called the turtle floating period”

Subtle lighting inside the cave in Guilin

Is like “traveling museum of nature,” Lo cave in Guilin do target tourists fascinated by the shimmering beauty. The scene inside the fairyland-like grandeur. Overhead shimmer on the stalactites, stone curtains, stone columns, stalactites with diverse shapes that visitors enjoy.

Situated in the northwest suburbs of the city of Guilin, China Top Plot target like a museum of natural art. Guests here watching the colorful light.

It is also referred to here is the Sao Say (Reed Flute). The name of the cave originates from reality overgrown reeds outside and people often use reeds to make flutes.

In 1962, the local government began to cave visitors. Currently, with artificial lighting, cave becomes more attractive to tourists.

More than 70 verses praising the beauty of the cave, which was written in ink, but it is thought that it appears from the Tang Dynasty. This proved that the cave has been famous since ancient times.

People place full of legendary names like Jade Phone Cards, Long Tu, or Fruits Son for some parts of the cave. Because light can not reach the place deep inside, taking pictures with tourists rather difficult amateurs.

Life in the village of dwarves in China

In 2009, a businessman named Chen Mingjing has founded the village called “Kingdom of the Dwarfs”, and attracts hundreds of lowly people across China and Asia about living here. Those who are “licensed” to possess here in height not exceeding 1.3 m.

The village is located in the mountainous region in southern China, the center of Kunming City, Yunnan Province about an hour ride.

Ngôi làng nằm trong khu vực núi non ở miền Nam Trung Quốc, cách trung tâm thành phố Côn Minh, tỉnh Vân Nam khoảng một giờ đi xe.
Elves coming duocMingjing provide free accommodation and paid. In return, they will receive tasks performed vaudeville dance music to serve tourists to visit.


Every day in the village held two performances. Guests here will be in the air fairy lives with the dwarves, the king, the queen, the fairy and mushroom houses.
Also played kings, queens, courtiers, soldiers almost, fairies and join the dance, ballet, magic …, the rest can take on other jobs such as catering, cleaning …
Depending on the work they undertake, each dwarves will be paid a monthly salary from 160 to 400 dollars.

In this village even has both fire and police station. The houses here are not locked the door, people live in harmony with each other and disputes, frictions are a fair mediator.

Chinese tourists discover the village of Wan ghost Houtou

More than 50 years ago, about 2,000 people are known Houtouwan. But now, the village was deserted, with only very few residents dare to stay.

Hơn 50 năm trước đây, khoảng 2.000 người dân gọi Houtouwan là nhà. Nhưng hiện tại, ngôi làng bị bỏ hoang, chỉ còn rất ít cư dân dám ở lại. Trong ảnh là một cư dân cũ của làng hành nghề hướng dẫn viên du lịch.
Situated on a small island in the archipelago at the mouth of the Yangtze River Zhousan, Houtouwan along the lush green coast. More than half a century ago, the village always crowded landscape on large fishing vessels. Houtouwan quite developed in agriculture and delivery thuong.Tuy course, speed rapid modernization of the country has turned into a dreamlike island ghost village.

Nằm trên hòn đảo nhỏ trong quần đảo Zhousan ở cửa sông Dương Tử, Houtouwan men theo bờ biển xanh tươi tốt. Hơn nửa thế kỷ trước, ngôi làng luôn tấp nập đón những tàu đánh cá lớn ra vào. Houtouwan khá phát triển về nông nghiệp và giao thương.Tuy nhiên, tốc độ hiện đại hóa mau lẹ của đất nước đã biến hòn đảo thơ mộng thành một ngôi làng ma.

Đồ dùng cũ vương vãi khắp nơi.

Khung cảnh hoang tàn đầy ma mị đã khiến ngôi làng trở nên nổi tiếng và thu hút nhiều du khách trong vài năm trở lại đây. Những người đam mê chụp ảnh không phải thất vọng trước khung cảnh này.

Quần áo trẻ em bị bỏ lại trên ghế sofa trong một ngôi nhà trống rỗng.

Ông sống cô độc trong một ngôi nhà mà không cần tới điện.

Rất khó để băng qua ngôi làng nên du khách phải men theo những con đường chật hẹp đầy cây và dây leo giữa các ngôi nhà.
The scene is full of hauntingly desolate led village became famous and attracted many tourists in the past few years. Photography enthusiasts are not disappointed by this scene.
Although abandoned, but most of the houses were still in good condition.

Chỉ có thời gian mới biết làm thế nào để ngôi làng lại trù phú như hàng chục năm trước đây.

Tourism Hangzhou Hua Tien told love story – White Soap

West Lake in Hangzhou is not only an attractive site with poetic beauty but also a place containing many mysterious legends, including the famous story Thanh Xa Bach Xa.

China currently has 800 sites named West Lake. Among them, the West Lake in Hangzhou is well-known to most. Not only peaceful beauty, poetic, it also attracts tourists by the mysterious legend, the most famous of which is the love story between him and her Bach Xa Tien Hua.

Tây Hồ, Hàng Châu ẩn chứa nhiều truyền thuyết kỳ bí. Ảnh: famouswonders.
Chestnut said that, Bach Xa is a white snake under the West Lake, lucky first swallow pills, up 500 years of power should quickly have more magic, practicing the fine. During a walk between the human world, Bach Thanh Xa Xa saved – a green snake snake bile rid sellers. From there, Thanh Xa Bach Xa and willingness to follow her as she called.

Eighteen years later, Bach to Bach Nuong Xa Tu paintings, along Thanh Xa, Thanh has turned into Elementary, to roam’s Qingming. During the outing, met the rain, she reached two under a tree residence Section Kieu Bridge. It is here, are the Hui Tu Bach Nuong – a handsome guy scholar, umbrellas, graceful loan rain. Thanks to the action bar Elementary, from there the Hui and Tu Bach Nuong meet and so charming couple.
After the body, they jointly opened a drug store near the West Lake. The idea of ​​having the fullness of life, Bach Xa not know her that long to become the enemy of the French monk Hai – a black turtle into crystal cultivation, cultivation together with the bottom of the West Lake, but she does not have to be member French Customs drug should first meet her jealous revenge decision.

Cầu Đoạn Kiều - nơi gặp gỡ của Hứa Tiên và Bạch Nương Tử, phía xa là tháp Lôi Phong.  Ảnh: unsignedworks.

And Bach Xa Tien Hua know married, France Hua Tien Hai to meet, seduce men is believed demons Tu Bach Nuong. French monk obedient Hai, Hoang Hung Hua ransom for Bach Nuong alcohol caused her Death reveals solid form. Realizing the fact, the Hui terrified to death.

Since at her husband, Prince Bach Nuong ventured up the mountain Kunlun first sods. When Hui Sin revived, although knew the identity of his wife, he still loves Bach Nuong toner Tzu. Seeing this, the French Customs arrested and locked up in the Hui Kim Son Pagoda.

Bach Thanh Xa Xa and play along with the French Customs, flood water to save Kim Son Pagoda Hua Tien out. Bring the fetus in the womb, Bach Xa can not save your husband, but Hua Tien had found out how to escape. But not long after the birth of Bach Xa, French Customs arrested her and then locked into the bottom of the tower Lei Feng, the couple separated again.

Cảnh đoàn tụ của Bạch Xà, Hứa Tiên và con trai được tái hiện qua một tác phẩm nghệ thuật. Ảnh: eastwestlovestory.
Thanh Xa lucky escape, practicing magic. Twenty years later, Thanh Xa back breaking Lei Feng tower, Bach Xa help escape. At that time, West Lake shallow water, the monk Fa Hai had no place to hide crabs entered the womb. Legend has, therefore, always bearing yellow crab belly of monk robes. Stories have many variants but they all revolve around the love between the Hui and Bach Xa.

Today, to the West Lake, in addition to enjoying the view on the crystal-clear lakes, visitors can easily recognize the Lei Feng Tower – where the monk Fa Hai Tu Nuong locked Bach for 20 years. The tower is located in the south of West Lake, a 5-storey octagonal, was rebuilt in 2002 and became one of the many attractions tourists visiting Hangzhou.